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How long can I store my sweets once I’ve purchased them?

Why wouldn’t you want to eat them immediately!! Seriously, if you store them in an airtight container they’ll be good for a few days. But bear in mind that the flavours may get a bit confused as they sweets rub against each other!

Are your sweets all made in the UK?

No, our sweets are made across Europe – including in the UK – in order to bring you the widest range of textures and tastes. We use both our own factories and those of reliable, accredited 3rd party manufacturers who we’ve worked with for years.

What is your cleaning procedure on your fixtures?

All our fixtures are cleaned regularly by our fully trained merchandisers using food safe disinfectant wipes. Some stores also clean the fixtures in between the our merchandisers visits.

Do you have products which are suitable for vegetarians / vegan?

Yes we do, please look out for the indicator on for each sweet which highlights who it is suitable for.

I have an allergen, can I eat your sweets?

Please be aware when picking sweets from the fixtures, the scoops and tongs are used in different sweet bins so allergens may travel between containers. Many of our sweets do not contain allergens but some do, please look out for allergens highlighted in bold in the ingredients.

Can I buy your products online?

Yes you can, please head to our website for more details.

How do I find out about jobs at CandyKing?

Please visit our website

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