About us

CandyKing was founded in 1984. The company was later bought by Cloetta in 2017 and is now the leading supplier of pick & mix in Europe, having CandyKing as the leading pick & mix brand in the Nordic region and the UK.

The free choice

At Cloetta we make most of our sweets ourselves. But we also have good partnerships with external parties and sometimes do exclusive collaborations. For you to be sure that everything is nicely made we keep an eye on the sweets all the way from the factory to the store and into your bag.

And since we produce our own sweets, we can make sure we skip all the bad additives and produce new yummy sweets that we know you’d like. We also take care of our racks and make sure that the boxes are always full, the shelves and spoons are always clean, the sweets are always fresh, the floor is always tidy and that bags and/or cups are always in place.

Building on our strong supplier relationships, the CandyKing concept offers a comprehensive assortment and is continuously updated to maintain consumer attractiveness and fit the shifting preferences of customers and consumers in different geographic areas.

CandyKing is owned by Cloetta since 28 April 2017. For more information visit www.cloetta.com