About us

Who are we?

CandyKing is the leading supplier of pick and mix sweets in Europe and the UK. CandyKing was founded in 1984 and bought by Cloetta in 2017. Since we were founded, we have succeeded in filling stores with over 500 different types of sweets. But we don’t want to stop there! We want everyone to feel the joy of picking and mixing their own favourites, because “Life is sweet”.

The free choice

Pick and mix sweets is for you, who prefers to choose from a great number of goodies and mix them exactly the way you want, in one and the same cup. Maybe you like sour sweets? Chocolate? or jelly sweets? Or all of that and more! Sometimes you might want some sweets to share with your friends and loved ones, and sometimes you just want a little bit to treat yourself. It is your choice.

Something for everyone

It doesn’t matter what sweets you like – we have something for every occasion. Every holiday, birthday or movie night could be filled with a mix of flavours that you chose yourself. And when someone needs a congratulations, a sorry, a hurray or a hello, we want to help you say it in the best was possible. That’s why we say, Pick it, Mix it, Love it!