About CandyKing

CandyKing was founded in 1984. The company was later bought by Cloetta in 2017 and is now
the leading supplier of pick & mix in Europe, having CandyKing as the leading pick & mix brand
in the Nordic region and the UK.

Our business

At Cloetta we make most of our sweets ourselves. But we also have good partnerships with external parties and sometimes do exclusive collaborations. For you to be sure that everything is nicely made we keep an eye on the sweets all the way from the factory to the store and into your bag.

And since we produce our own sweets, we can make sure we skip all the bad additives and produce new yummy sweets that we know you’d like. We also take care of our racks and make sure that the boxes are always full, the shelves and spoons are always clean, the sweets are always fresh, the floor is always tidy and that bags and/or cups are always in place.

Building on our strong supplier relationships, the CandyKing concept offers a comprehensive assortment and is continuously updated to maintain consumer attractiveness and fit the shifting preferences of customers and consumers in different geographic areas.

CandyKing is owned by Cloetta since 28 April 2017. For more information visit www.cloetta.com


CandyKing’s branded concept business is found on the following markets:

Sweden. Denmark. Finland (including the Baltics). Norway and United Kingdom

Our manifesto
The world of CandyKing

We offer moments of joy through outstanding selections and experiences of pick & mix. CandyKing is the sweet experience, created through our modularity and our target’s free choice. As a companion in their everyday life, we bring occasions and emotions together and give them flashbacks of past memories while creating new ones.

As a global market leader, we have the opportunity and responsibility to continue to be a game changer, to be progressive and set a higher standard for the rest of the industry. Being the brand that speaks to everyone no matter age, gender, social or cultural background. Consistently manifesting: the power is in the mix!

We are experts in providing physical experiences in a digital reality, by constantly thinking 360° and give our target what they need when they need it. In this way, by creating new experiences and enhancing ordinary moments, we are more than just a bag of sweets.

Our vision

To be Europe’s largest and most successful pick & mix full-service concept supplier.

Our mission

To be the game-changer, making it easier and more fun to enjoy pick & mix.

Our personality

Invitingly joyful
With open arms, smart humour and by staying up to date, we turn the ordinary into sweet experiences and let loose without losing credibility.

Seriously dedicated
Whatever we do, we do it well. Our selection should always meet modern expectations – greener and less sugar when possible without ever compromising taste.

Brilliantly bold
Loud, proud and vivid! We never pretend to be something we’re not. Instead, our colours shine bright no matter the occasion. We don’t just dare to stick our neck out – we like to do it.