Pick & mix

Pick & Mix means that you as a candy lover can choose between hundreds of varieties of goodies and mix them any way you want in a bag or cup. Do you like sour candy? Or sweet? Or chewy? Or all of them? Do you want a lot of it and share it with your friends, or do you just want a little treat for yourself? Doesn´t matter – just Pick it, Mix it, Love it!

Our brand

For you to get the greatest possible freedom of choice and joy of taste we’ve invited some of our best friends to join us in our sweet world of CandyKing. So besides CandyKing’s standards assortment you can also find a more premium range within CandyKing – The Premium Mix, in selected stores and markets.

What we do

We make most of our sweets ourselves. But we also have good partnerships with external parties and sometimes do exclusive collaborations. For you to be sure that everything is nicely made we keep an eye on the sweets all the way from the factory to the store and into your bag. And since we produce our own sweets, we can make sure we skip all the bad additives and produce new yummy sweets that we know you’d like.

How it works

We place our racks in the stores and fill them with yumminess. We also take care of them and make sure that the boxes are always full, the shelves and spoons are always clean, the sweets are always fresh, the floor is always tidy and that bags and/or cups are always in place.

Mix it yourself

We want to make your life sweeter. Or chewier. Or nuttier, for that part. Every Christmas, Easter, birthday or movie night should be the taste explosion you want it to be. And whenever someone needs a sorry, a hello, a pick me up or a thank you, we want to help you spread a smile in the way that only a bag of colorful sweets can do.

Up ahead

Since CandyKing started in 1984 we’ve managed to fill stores in several countries with a rainbow of colors and flavours. Today we have more than 500 goodies to choose from. But we won’t settle there. We want everyone in the whole world to feel the joy of mixing their favourites and will not stop until everyone has found their favourites. To us freedom of choice and joy of taste is not just a privilege. It’s your right. So just Pick it, Mix it, Love it!