Cloetta is Europe’s largest supplier of Pick & Mix candy with CandyKing as the main brand. Our goal is to spread freedom of choice and unlimited taste sensations. Whatever you prefer, its all in the mix, tailor-made by you, for the exact moment you’ve got in mind. Whenever you want and with whomever.​ So, just Pick it, Mix it, Love it!​ That’s all it takes to make the day shine a little bit brighter.

Today, the CandyKing brand is represented in several markets, which means we are constantly operating in an international environment. Cloetta is responsible for the entire process, from sourcing to sale. This means that we have broad expertise in a range of areas, such as sourcing, category, operations, IT, marketing, sales and finance. CandyKing as a brand is entrepreneurially driven where no project or idea is too big or small.

Our focus is to turn ordinary moments into sweet moments of joy through outstanding selections and experiences of Pick & Mix.

Do you also wake up every morning and feel the need to make the world shine a little bit brighter? Then we are the right workplace for you!